Hearing Therapies

Hearing Therapy is a service offered in Audiology for patients who require additional support with hearing loss or help with managing bothersome tinnitus, hyperacusis or have auditory processing problems. Hearing loss is not inevitable with age. Young people who listen to rock music often have the same hearing level as that of 50 year old factory workers who expose to sound. Treatment, containing medicines and sometimes surgery also recommended for many types of hearing problems, particularly conductive hearing loss. Some of the most common causes of conductive hearing loss are fluid in the middle ear, with or without infection, and earwax blocking the ear canal. In cases of bacterial infection of the middle ear, antibiotics are often used in the therapy.

  • Track 1-1 What is Hearing Therapy?
  • Track 2-2 Sound Therapy
  • Track 3-3 Assistive Listening and Hearing Enhancement
  • Track 4-4 How Sound Therapy improve hearing?

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